The Show


As part of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies’ celebration of 60 glorious years, I am very proud and privileged to welcome you all to join with us in these momentous diamond events staged in central London during 2019.

We have a membership of extremely talented and dedicated individuals spread all over the United Kingdom. As designer of these celebrations it is my challenge to evoke the talents of our members and special friends to bring everyone together, showcasing to the world how floral design can enhance our lives with this mesmerising art form in a unique style.

The capital city has been chosen to bring these talents together, staging a remarkable and very visual design-filled experience, at the Business Design Centre, Upper Street, Islington N1 0QH. Whilst this is an outstanding building with a long history as an agricultural venue, it will never have looked as amazing as it will once our talented designers have completed their creations. Prepare yourselves to be truly amazed.

We are also planning to hit the streets of the capital, exposing locals and visitors alike to the wonderful world of floral art. Stunts and surprises await!

Added to this is the very special glamour of a truly spectacular Dazzling Diamond Dinner celebration on the Friday evening, held at one of London’s most iconic venues, Grosvenor House, Park Lane W1K 7T. This luxury dining experience is in the stunning Great Room, the home of the original Royal Ice Rink with over 250,000 crystals suspended from eight of the most breathtaking chandeliers. A black tie dinner awaits everyone, members, friends, supporters alike to join the glittering guests to help celebrate 60 years of this unique educational charity.

I am proud to have been asked to design these diamond events on behalf of NAFAS, but I could not even start to do all this without the support of the most remarkable and dedicated team. They are totally committed at all levels, with demanding attention to detail.

So you are all invited to come along, join in the celebrations and help us make memories of a very special kind.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Derek Armstrong
Diamond Event Designer
07901 604215